Pre-Professional Preparatory Program "aspiration"

The "aspiration" program is designed for talented students who want to pursue a professional career in classical dance.


Depending on the age and the present dance level of the student, the focus will be mostly on the important key features of an audition for profesional academies.

Special emphasis is this programm lies on strength, flexibility, ability of developping the en dehors  and fixing it, accuracy in executing the correct pas, epaulements and port de bras according to character and accent of the movemets, the aplomb, the élevation, suspense and posture.

Pointe work will be included according to the student's ability. Presentation of a medical certificate of an orthopaedist is obligatory.

Additional coaching in PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique) and providing awareness of a healthy lifestyle complete the "aspiration" program.

Note: students will have to reinforce the learning matter in order to benefit more from this program.


This program can be combined with a private or semi-private course. For a quotation please consult the contact form.