Private Classes

In a private class (or semi-private class) the individual student is in the focus of attention.


Private classes are designed for one student and will be adapted to the special needs ad hand. Here we work on particular issues and foster individual improvement. By means of outlining distinct deficiencies and analysing their derivation, it will be most helpful for the student to focus on future advancement and progression in their dance proficiency.


Semi-private classes are suited for a maximum of 3 students, who want to work on a general improvement of their technique. It is possible to work on special topics or to pursue an allround enhancement in personal performance.


Private and semi-private classes can be booked  for the following disciplines:

  • classical ballet
  • pointe work (only in combination with ballet or depending on the level of the student)
  • PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique by Marie Walton-Mahon, Australia)
  • SPY ballet-work out concept classes
  • competition coaching

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